Managed Discretionary Accounts

Olive operates a managed discretionary account service in which clients can invest in a particular trading strategy or program, in which the investment manager or trader trades and invests the client’s capital on a discretionary basis. This means that the MDA manager can invest or trade on behalf of the client without going back to the client each time the MDA Manager seeks to make a trade. This arrangement may suit certain investment strategies and clients because trading opportunities may present themselves and with market movements disappear prior to being able to obtain instructions. Further, MDAs provide Olive with certain cost savings because we are trading multiple accounts at the same time, the benefits of which we share with our clients through lower execution costs.

Trading on behalf of clients in a managed discretionary account, must be undertaken in accordance with the investment strategy agreed with the client at the time of opening the account. This is important because a fundamental term of each managed discretionary account is that Olive and the client have agreed the kinds of securities that will be traded on the client’s behalf and the objectives of the trading.

Financial services laws impose on Olive the requirement to provide clients with periodic reports on trading and performance on each MDA account including an annual investor statement. Each year we are required to assess with you whether this product remains appropriate for you, which involves a consideration as to whether your personal circumstances have changed.

Financial Planning, Superannuation & Retirement Accounts

Olive provides a range of financial planning, superannuation and retirement services to our clients. Our objective is to provide these services at a high level of quality and cost effectively. We do provide clients with an administration and compliance service for self managed superannuation funds that allows clients to control their financial future with support in administration and compliance. This enables us to serve those clients that want to be more actively involved in the trading and investment decisions for their capital but not tied up with the more mundane tasks.

Self-Execution Traders & Clients

Olive offers clients and traders access to a broad range of financial securities including equities, options, futures, contracts for difference and margin FX. We seek to provide this access on a cost effective basis and where requested provide support and mentoring to our clients and traders.

Hedge Funds

Olive offers sophisticated investors investments in managed investment schemes, which leverages our trading capabilities. These hedge funds seek to access markets globally and generate returns that present themselves in different markets. These products tend to access Australian index and interest rate products, and financial products listed on the Chicago Mercentile Exchange.

Corporate Authorisation

In order to provide innovative and successful trading and investment products to our clients, Olive selectively will authorise other corporates to provide financial products and services on its behalf. Olive has developed compliance and risk functions that enable it to provide such services. The key is that the product or service provides clients with access to financial markets in an innovative way, or forms a portion of clients’ portfolios.