Our Story

Olive’s business is designed to develop trading and investment capability in a broad spectrum of securities and derivatives including equities, options, contracts for difference, futures and margin FX.  It is the hub for traders, investors and investment managers.

We have a range of investment managers and traders who have excellent product experience in their respective products and we seek to offer their expertise to our clients as asset management services, for a proportion of the trading or active investment portfolio.

Given our access to experienced traders, we have established a trader training program which we selectively offer to our clients and prospective proprietary traders for Olive Trading Services. The program seeks to offer program participants frameworks and concepts, to enable them to develop their own trading styles and techniques, and then mentoring and training in trading securities and derivatives such as futures and foreign exchange.

Our Objective

Olive seeks to be a hub for traders for most kinds of financial securities including equities, options, futures, contracts for difference and margin foreign exchange. Olive has developed relationships with a broad cross section of traders who have capability in trading these products. These traders, depending on their objectives, Olive’s requirements and product objectives and the product preferences of our clients, then can become proprietary traders for Olive Trading Services, or investment managers or dealers for Olive providing financial products to our clients. The key to Olive is continuing to build its trading and investment management capability and expertise and increasing the range of quality products that it is able to provide our clients.

Our Clients

Olive seeks to serve clients that want access to investment and trading products that are different to the offerings of many other firms. While the financial products that are appropriate for any particular client will vary depending on various factors such as financial circumstances of the client, risk appetite and point in the life cycle, we generally offer generic products such as those that track the stock index or property market, through very low cost securities. For most clients this will comprise the bulk of their portfolio. However, given our trading capability we are in a position to offer investments in derivatives typically traded by one of our investment managers. These products can add to the portfolio of our clients because they provide access to markets, investments  and managers that clients may not be able to readily access.

We generally recommend that our client’s invest only a minority portion of their portfolio in derivative products because they tend to be more risky and volatile. We generally do not recommend that clients borrow funds to invest in or trade derivatives because these products are leveraged and will not generally accept clients into our derivative asset management products who are borrowing the investment funds.

Client Suitability

Most clients will be suitable for our financial planning, superannuation and retirement products, and generic investments such as those that provide access to managed funds, stock indices and the property market. For our derivative products, such as our asset management services (e.g. MDAs and hedge funds) we will work with you to ascertain whether these products are suitable for you. This is measured by your personal circumstances and also your risk appetite. A client may not be suitable for products that invest in derivatives if they are adverse to market volatility which are generally accentuated by derivative products.

Although we believe that our products provide excellent benefits and market access to our clients, trading is not appropriate for everyone and it is important that we go through a process to realistically determine the suitability for each client. A key focus of financial services laws, as it pertains to derivative products is whether the disclosures that have been made to clients are accurate and the client has an understanding of the products sufficient to make an informed decision, as such we make it clear that our products are not suitable for everyone. Our clients will need to spend some time understanding the nature and risks of trading, derivative products and financial markets, which is beyond some other financial products. Trading is not for everyone.