Olive Financial Markets

trading & dealing execution services

Olive is a national business which provides trading and dealing execution services in securities, equities, futures, options, contracts for difference and margin foreign exchange. We focus on serving traders and active investors seeking to generate returns from their own trading and investing as well as leveraging Olive’s expertise in trading through a variety of asset management products including hedge funds and managed discretionary accounts.

As part of our product offering, Olive offers financial planning, superannuation and retirement savings accounts. We are in a position to provide financial plans and access to superannuation including self managed superannuation funds. As part of our service we provide compliance and administration of self managed superannuation funds for which we charge a quarterly fee.

Olive provides a range of trader training
programs for prospective proprietary traders…


Olive provides a range of financial planning,
superannuation and retirement services to…


Olive offers clients and traders access to a
broad range of financial securities…



Trading Services

As part of the Olive Group, Olive Trading Services engages proprietary traders to trade a variety of derivative products including futures and FX. We provide a range of trader training programs aimed at training new proprietary traders for Olive Trading Services.

We believe that

by undertaking the above activities

we are able to build trading expertise and capability which will ultimately benefit our clients via the advice, asset management and trader training that we offer them